Ring lab

Diamond and Rings are a forever item but they don’t remain intact always. That is the exact place where we land in. We are the experts on whom you can rely on if you are looking to getting your ring repaired. Don’t confuse it with a ring shop, we actually own a workshop for rings which is dedicated to repairing services. Our effective expertise and wealthy experience make us the best in this service. In addition to that money value services are being offered as compared to any traditional local repairing shop.

My ring finder is offering fine cleaning, polishing and repairing of your rings every day. We are offering full size, on-premise repair services for all of your platinum diamond and white gold rings. You will be having complete peace of mind and security knowing the fact that your rings will be repaired by full-time professionals and won’t be leaving the premises of our services. Our security vaults provide another way for bringing peace of mind to people. All of our repair works are guaranteed for a time span. We even carry the rings as a challenge which other jewelry shops won’t attempt and deliver them with high-quality services within a minimum span of repairing time. Ring services are initiated with an initial consultation and after inspection, a free estimate is offered.

We are of no concern that if the pieces have been purchased from any other place. Your rings will be treated with utmost care and respect. Our treatment style won’t be changing and we will be treating your ring with same gentle care knowing the worth of that ring in your mind and our experts will make sure that you enjoy that ring for many more years to come. You can send us details of what you require at info@myringfinder.com and someone from our team will contact you back.